Is It Healthy?


We've been asked many times if the Flavor Funnel is healthy.  The answer is absolutely!  We would like to point out that Flavor Funnel is 100% fat free, although the butter you put on your popcorn may not be. 

The Flavor Funnel is a utensil for buttering your popcorn much the same as using a straw to drink or a fork to eat.  Are straws healthy?  The gallons of soda going through the straw may not be.  Our point is Flavor Funnel is a utensil and how you use it is up to you.  We designed Flavor Funnel to be about efficiency and using less butter, the funnel is delivering the flavor where it would otherwise not reach.

In studies, we found that using our multi-tiered Flavor Funnel delivers more flavor with approximately 1/3 less butter!

More Butter?

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